Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Where's Your Slice of Paradise?

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope your week is off to a fantastic start. If you've been around The Romance Studio these last few weeks, you might have seen a peek at my new release, The Promise of Paradise, which came out on Valentine's Day and is available right now in Amazon's Kindle Store for the super-low price of only $2.99. I love this story because it's a friends-turned-lovers romance, and it's all about finding your heart in the place you (sometimes) least expect.

It's set in the fictional small town of Paradise, New Hampshire, mostly because I love small towns and I was born and raised in the New England region. But it's also set in a place called Paradise because sometimes those unlikely places are the ones that truly are our own slice of heaven, because of the people or the memories we associate with it.

That got me to thinking...where's my "Paradise"? Where is that location that's beautiful, peaceful, and makes me feel safe and at home? And I picked three (is that cheating? oh, well):

1. Hawaii - OK, for obvious reasons, this one's first on the list. It has absolutely beautiful scenery, from the beaches to the mountains to the daily rainbows. It is the most temperate place I've ever vacationed: a perfect 78 (or so) degrees, every single day. And for me, it also has happy memories attached to it: my husband and I spent our honeymoon there, and we vacationed there again a few years ago after my father passed away and I'd spent months in sadness.

2. Rock Lake - This place will probably mean nothing to any of you, but it's a tiny lake located in rural Ontario, Canada, part of the Rideau Canal System, where my family spent every summer from the year I was born until I graduated from college. I have no summer memory that isn't somehow associated with Rock Lake. I learned to swim there, fish there, waterski there, & operate a motorboat there. My sister and I brought friends and spent hours playing cards or jumping off the raft in the swimming area or fishing in the bay. I played Scrabble with my grandmother and inspected ancient rock drawings with my grandfather. To this day, it is one of the most vivid and serene places I can remember from my childhood.

3. My sunroom - A nontraditional choice, to be sure, but this winter I have decided that the sunroom of my house is also a little slice of paradise. The whole front is glass, with a view of our front lawn (sometimes if I'm lucky a few deer are having dinner there). We have a pellet stove that in the winter makes the entire room cozy and warm. The loveseat beside the stove has become my favorite place to write over the last few months, and I can say there's no better moment in my day than when I can be in my pajamas, watching the flames and typing my latest story.

So there you have it! My top three picks when it comes to paradise. What about you? And while you're thinking about it, if you need a little inspiration, why not pick up (or, actually, download a copy of The Promise of Paradise and find out what Eddie and Ash discover in their very own hometown?

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